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This form is for submission of records of our Review Species, as well as species not listed in the latest version of our checklist. Each and every one of your submissions contributes towards a greater collective understanding of our regional avifauna.
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Please provide the general location (eg. Kranji Marshes)
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Other supporting information
Useful features to include are size, bare parts (eye, bill, legs), plumage, shape/structure.
Please discuss how similar species were eliminated, especially commoner species.
This is especially important in the absence of high-quality supporting photos/audio, or if the photos don't conclusively rule out similar species.
Useful features to include are feeding behaviour, skittishness, flight action, especially as they relate to similar species (if applicable).
Also include a description of the habitat the bird was seen in.
Include information on light and weather conditions, as well as how far the bird was.
Are you familiar with this species?
Where have you seen this species before?
Are you familiar with similar species (the ones you eliminated)?
Where have you seen these similar species?
Places where we might display your media include: species writeups, monthly roundups, individual record pages and other parts of this site.
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