Silver-backed Needletail
Henderson Waves
06 Nov 2021

General details
Silver-backed Needletail Hirundapus cochinchinensis
Record ID 10019
Date 06 Nov 2021
Location Henderson Waves
Count 1 individual
Date added 07 Nov 2021

Record accepted.

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Vote results This record was not put through an explicit vote, but the SBRC has evaluated and verified the record.
Verdict Accepted / Wild (Verifiable)

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References eBird; Facebook

Great photos in eBird checklist attached taken by Dillen Ng. Great photos also taken by Zacc from Mt Faber. Spotted and shouted that were some fast flying, swift-like birds flying over the ridge in the usual north to south direction. Bing Wen shouted that they were needletails when he got his bins on them which prompted a flurry of photos from most observers on the bridge. Did not manage to bin all four needletails fully as I swapped my bins out for my camera. The loose flock flew near each other at times and there were some photos obtained that show a needletail with paler throat, white saddle on vent, that's similar size to the other white-throated needletails - a silver-backed needletail. Photo in eBird checklist linked by Dillen Ng is clear.
Zoom zoom through the sky. Flying fast in a loose flock.
Viewing conditions
Sunny. Unobstructed views.
Observer's experience
Familiar with swift/needletail general shape and flight pattern but the birds zoom zoom so need photos to confirm ID. Won't be able to observe and note all identifying features to confidently distinguish species as bird fly fast n observation time is usually short.
Observer's experience w/similar species
Seen a few species of needletails at various locations in Southeast Asia.