Lesser Green Leafbird
Central Catchment
13 Feb 2022

General details
Lesser Green Leafbird Chloropsis cyanopogon
Date 13 Feb 2022
Location Central Catchment
Count 1 individual
Age Adult
Sex Female
Date added 14 Feb 2022

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Verdict Not accepted (Verifiable)

Moderate light, a bird flew (undulating flight) into vegetation about 15m distant, emerged briefly on a bare spike and was seen through binoculars for a few seconds before flying away rapidly into nearby canopy. It appeared to be a light green all over without any other obvious specific feature from which I deduced it was a female lesser green leafbird. I know this is not much of a sighting. It was certainly a leafbird, only probably a female lesser.
Canopy level. We were sitting on the second level of the tower from the top down. The light was behind us.
Viewing conditions
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Observer's experience
Observer's experience w/similar species
Once saw a male Greater Green Leafbird at Dairy Farm. This was confirmed by two other birders. Have seen numerous golden-fronted leafbirds in Thailand, Kaen Krachan NP.