Barred Eagle-Owl
Rifle Range link
17 Feb 2022

General details
Barred Eagle-Owl Bubo sumatranus
Date 17 Feb 2022
Location Rifle Range link
Count 2 individuals
Date added 23 Feb 2022

Record accepted.

Committee's view
The audio file has been uploaded by the observer to xeno-canto. It can be accessed in the link under "References".
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Verdict Accepted/Wild (Verifiable)

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Heard only - 2 or 3 barred eagle owls, ID by their "laughing" call
The 1st BEO was heard overhead, in a tree above the trail. It was a loud "laughing" call, made regularly for about 10 mins. A 2nd bird's response later heard, from further away. Maybe a 3rd bird was heard too (or maybe the 2nd bird flew in). Drongos in the area were agitated, and their mobbing sounds were heard throughout the area. Eventually the BEOs flew off, and everything quietened down. Unfortunately there was no visual sighting of the BEOs.
Viewing conditions
Poor and dim light for viewing. Will also upload audio file onto xeno canto.
Observer's experience
No previous experience. BEO family known to be in this area.