Daurian Redstart
Pasir Panjang
02 Nov 2022 to 20 Nov 2022

General details
Species Daurian Redstart Phoenicurus auroreus
Record ID 10364
Date range 02 Nov 2022 to 20 Nov 2022
Location Pasir Panjang
Count 1 individual
Sex Female
Subrecords 10352, 10366
Date added 04 Nov 2022

Record accepted.

Committee's view
Vote results For: 8
Wild: 8
Verdict Accepted / Wild (Verifiable)

Bird was roughly the size of a blackbird, perched on the railing along the canal, 2-3 meters distant Bill, eyes, feet were all black head and back were brown. Wings displayed notable white bar Breast and vent, as well as base of tail, were a notable orange-red colour Other birds of similar size and shape in the area include bulbuls (yellow vented and red-whiskered) - but lack of yellow vent on the one hand and crest/red vent on the other ruled out these possibilities.
The bird was observed foraging for food on the floor of the canal, where it picked up seeds and berries. It flew back and forth between the ground and the railing above. A distinctive behaviour was its "tail wagging" - a short, brisk lateral back and forth movement of the tail. This behaviour differentiated the bird from others sighted in the area.
Viewing conditions
Full sunlight, clear conditions. Bird was perched in the open, with no hindrance to visibility
Observer's experience
Observer's experience w/similar species
Last year I observed a black redstart in the same area. the similarities between that bird and this one in terms of both appearance and behaviour made me confident in my indentification of this individual as a female Daurian Redstart.


Bird Society of Singapore. (2022). Record 10364: Daurian Redstart Phoenicurus auroreus. Retrieved May 30, 2024, from https://records.singaporebirds.com/record/10364/.

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