Naumann's Thrush
Bedok South Horizon
13 Feb 2023

General details
Naumann's Thrush Turdus naumanni
Record ID 10487
Date 13 Feb 2023
Location Bedok South Horizon
Count 1 individual
Age Adult
Sex Male
Date added 21 Feb 2023

Committee's view
A photograph of a Naumann's Thrush perched on a structure of an HDB (an obvious HDB window could be seen in the background), was shared with a Records Committee member through a WhatsApp message. We attempted to request a submission from the unknown observer but was unable to get through, and hence deliberated on the record based on the photograph alone.

All RC members agreed on the identification of the bird.

Three RC members voted that even though it was the right time of the year for a vagrant, and that poaching pressures for this species are typically low in its usual range, a bright adult male turning up wild seemed unusual (Cat E).

Two other RC members voted that the bird was likely to be a Vagrant, but acknowledged that the possibility of it being an escapee could not be confidently ruled out (Cat D).

One RC member voted that the bird was likely to be a Vagrant, but did not accept the record due to the high level of uncertainty in the record (Cat F).

Vote results Cat D: 2, Cat E1: 3, Cat F: 1
Verdict Accepted / Limbo (Verifiable)
Placed in Cat D

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