Mangrove Blue Flycatcher
Springleaf Nature Park
11 Dec 2023 to 24 Feb 2024

General details
Species Mangrove Blue Flycatcher Cyornis rufigastra
Record ID 10701
Date range 11 Dec 2023 to 24 Feb 2024
Location Springleaf Nature Park
Count 1 individual
Subrecords 10702
Date added 12 Dec 2023

Committee's view
Combination of bill size, extent of orange on underparts, chin colour, and overall structure identified the bird as a Mangrove Blue Flycatcher. Although this species is known to occur as a visitor to the main island of Singapore, RC members agreed that the extremely unnatural plumage state (lack of all but one tail feather, several flight feathers on one wing missing) was an indication that the bird was recently in captivity. 
Vote results For: 6
Escapee: 6
Verdict Accepted / Escapee (Verifiable)


Bird Society of Singapore. (2023). Record 10701: Mangrove Blue Flycatcher Cyornis rufigastra. Retrieved May 23, 2024, from

Credit for photo(s): Kuppusamy Velmurugan Aravindh

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