Brown Booby
01 Jan 1878 (imprecise)

General details
Brown Booby Sula leucogaster
Record ID 321
Date 01 Jan 1878 (imprecise)
Location Changi
Count 1 individual
Date added 25 Oct 2021

This record has not been accepted by the Records Committee. For more details, see below.

Committee's view
Dates of sighting are imprecise. To summarise this record: a specimen was apparently collected in 1878 but could not be found by Wang & Hails (2007). Detailed notes below. Wang & Hails (2007) states that "specimens collected in 1878" were not found in the Raffles Museum, citing "Hume & Davison in G-H, 1949a [Gibson-Hill (1950b) in our reference]" and rejects this record. Lim (2009) accepts this as the first record for Singapore, also citing "Hume & Davison collection in Gibson-Hill 1950". Gibson-Hill (1950b) in turn cites page 493 of Hume & Davison (1878), stating that Hume & Davison collected a specimen in Singapore. However, there are no records of the Brown Booby mentioned in the very page of Hume & Davison (1878). Instead, Hume & Davison (1878) state that Sula australis, Steph - the Red-footed Booby - is, quote "very numerous between Penang and Singapore, where Davison procured a specimen, but seen by him continually the whole way up along the coast of the Malay Peninsula ... ...". In Gibson-Hill (1950b), there are no justifications regarding this change in identification. However in Gibson-Hill (1950a), it is stated that, 1: quote, "Davison (Hume & Davison, 1878: 493) claims to have taken a specimen at Singapore", and that 2: Gibson-Hill disagrees with Davison's identifications of the Red-footed Booby and attributes most (if not all) of the records to the Brown Booby instead. This indicates that Gibson-Hill did not see this supposedly collected specimen either. Given it's highly messy state, we are following decisions by Wang & Hails (2007) to reject this record .
Verdict Not accepted (Specimen)

References (see all)
References Gibson-Hill, 1950a; Gibson-Hill, 1950b; Hume & Davison, 1878; Lim, 2009; Wang & Hails, 2007
Wang & Hails (2007) Record is rejected
Lim (2009) Record is present in source