Great Slaty Woodpecker
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
02 May 2018 to 12 May 2018

General details
Species Great Slaty Woodpecker Mulleripicus pulverulentus
Record ID 561
Date range 02 May 2018 to 12 May 2018
Location Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Count 1 individual
Date added 25 Oct 2021

Record accepted.

Committee's view
First found by Ted Lee at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, seen by many observers. Presumably the same bird later seen at Rifle Range Link by Francis Yap.
Verdict Accepted / Wild (Verifiable)

References (see all)
References eBird; eBird; eBird; Facebook; NSS

Revisions to this record
Date revised Changes made
20 Nov 2021 This bird was present until 12 May at Rifle Range Link (see eBird checklists), extending the last date by one day.


Bird Society of Singapore. (2021). Record 561: Great Slaty Woodpecker Mulleripicus pulverulentus. Retrieved June 15, 2024, from

Credit for photo(s): Francis Yap

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