Black-and-red Broadbill
Pulau Ubin
09 Apr 2005

General details
Black-and-red Broadbill Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos
Record ID 582
Date 09 Apr 2005
Location Pulau Ubin
Count 1 individual
Related records 581
Date added 25 Oct 2021

Record accepted.

Committee's view
Wang & Hails (2007) cites Willie Foo in litt for this record, stating that it is the same bird as the August 2004 individual. No primary documentations are available. We accept it on the basis that it was the same individual as the previous sighting (Record Number 581).
Verdict Accepted / Wild (Unverifiable)

References (see all)
References Wang & Hails, 2007
Wang & Hails (2007) Record is present in source
Lim (2009) Record is absent in source