Moustached Babbler
22 Mar 1983 to 01 Aug 1983 (imprecise)

General details
Species Moustached Babbler Malacopteron magnirostre
Record ID 680
Date range 22 Mar 1983 to 01 Aug 1983 (imprecise)
Location Singapore
Count 1 individual
Date added 25 Oct 2021

Record accepted.

Committee's view
No descriptions in Wells (1990a), but reportedly detected on surveys conducted by Chris Hails. First detected on 22 March 1983 with single birds encountered "until the end of sampling in August". The last seen date here is imprecise.
Verdict Accepted / Wild (Unverifiable)

References (see all)
References Wells, 1990a


Bird Society of Singapore. (2021). Record 680: Moustached Babbler Malacopteron magnirostre. Retrieved May 23, 2024, from

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