Brahminy Starling
Gardens by the Bay
12 May 2016 to 15 Sep 2016

General details
Species Brahminy Starling Sturnia pagodarum
Record ID 728
Date range 12 May 2016 to 15 Sep 2016
Location Gardens by the Bay
Count 1 individual
Date added 25 Oct 2021

Committee's view
A single adult Brahminy Starling that was observed foraging alongside an adult Rosy Starling. Reportedly very tame. The fact full adults of these two very rare species were walking side by side, very early in the season, is highly dubious. This individual (and the associated Rosy Starling) was likely an escapee.
Verdict Accepted / Escapee (Verifiable)

References (see all)
References eBird; eBird; eBird; NSS; Other

Revisions to this record
Date revised Changes made
15 Dec 2021 This bird was first seen four months earlier than originally thought. Accordingly, the first date has been brought forward to 12 May 2016.


Bird Society of Singapore. (2021). Record 728: Brahminy Starling Sturnia pagodarum. Retrieved June 25, 2024, from

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