Rosy Starling
Tuas Grassland
05 Nov 1995 to 03 Dec 1995

General details
Rosy Starling Pastor roseus
Record ID 730
Date range 05 Nov 1995 to 03 Dec 1995
Location Tuas Grassland
Count 1 individual
Age Adult
Sex Male
Date added 25 Oct 2021

Record accepted.

Committee's view
This record should have been included in SINAV 9:4 based on it's date, however, SINAV 9:4 was never published. SINAV 9 stopped at SINAV 9:1 and SINAV 10 was never produced (SINAV 11:1). Hence, this sighting was never included in any documentation and this is likely the reason why it was not compiled in Wang & Hails (2007). However, the original rare bird report was made available online in June 2021 (see links).
Verdict Accepted / Wild (Verifiable)

References (see all)
References eBird; Rare Bird Report
Wang & Hails (2007) Record is absent in source
Lim (2009) Record is present in source

Revisions to this record
Date revised Changes made
20 Nov 2021 This bird was first seen by Peter Kennerley on 5 Nov 1995, as mentioned in his eBird checklist and the original rare bird report. This brings forward the first date of this record by about four weeks.

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