Mandai Track 15
09 Nov 2020

General details
Besra Accipiter virgatus
Date 09 Nov 2020
Location Mandai Track 15
Count 1 individual
Date added 25 Oct 2021

This record has not been accepted by the Records Committee. For more details, see below.

Committee's view
While the dark and light tail bands are of roughly equal width, no photographs of the frontal view are available for further inspection. The wings are said to be short in the Facebook discussion, but we disagree with this (compare with photographs on DeCandido et al (2013) in the links). The wing length is instead comparable to that of a Japanese Sparrowhawk. Moreover the photograph is a bottom-up view and the wing length will look shorter than it actually is due to parallax error.
Verdict Not accepted (Verifiable)

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