Black-and-red Broadbill
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
25 Feb 2023

General details
Species Black-and-red Broadbill Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos
Record ID 10490
Date 25 Feb 2023
Location Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Count 1 individual
Age Adult
Date added 28 Feb 2023

Record accepted.

Committee's view
Vote results Abstain (sole observer): 1, For: 6
Wild: 6
Verdict Accepted / Wild (Verifiable)

Heard the call and searched for it, physical features of this bird are hard to miss. Mostly black on upper parts with a red rump and white streak on scapulars, red underparts from neck to vent with a black breast band, a broad and huge light bluish bill with some yellow on the underside. Same specimen that was previously ringed by NParks, in some of my photos, the metal ring is visible showing the last two number 76.
It was in dense tree cover initially, was silent most of the time and made sporadic repeating single quack calls. It seemed to be foraging in the trees most of the time.
Viewing conditions
Fair and hot day with excellent clarity
Observer's experience
Many past observations in Singapore and Malaysia.


Bird Society of Singapore. (2023). Record 10490: Black-and-red Broadbill Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos. Retrieved March 2, 2024, from

Credit for photo(s): Adrian Silas Tay

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